Enter a gateway to the extraordinary arrangements of Bruce Dukov! Unlock the fun and inventiveness of Dukov's artistic creations and enrich your repertoire with these captivating pieces available for purchase.

"The variations are very clever and innovative  and very effective for the violin. I thank you for this wonderful present."

Nathan Milstein

"A true bravo for a brilliant arrangement and performance."

Isaac Stern

"I am pleased to state that I consider the Happy Birthday Variations brilliantly imaginative and creative."

Henri Temianka

"At Marlboro and Curtis, people were laughing and cheering with each new variation -- and the final Bach quote brought the house down"

Hilary Hahn

“Stars & Stripes”… some of my students play them for certain events, especially for fundraising for the Perlman Music Program, and they are always an amazing success. People just love them, so thank you for that!

Itzhak Perlman