Unlock the hidden potential of your left hand with Bruce Dukov's revolutionary system of exercises, honed over his legendary 50-year career. Dive into a transformative series of courses that will empower you to execute challenging passagework with confidence.

What Leading Teachers are Saying

"Hearing Bruce my whole life in recordings, and finally in person in the Hollywood studios, I knew he must have a secret: a practice system that allows him to play impeccably right from “take one". Since he shared it with me, I’ve been enjoying new-found ease and accuracy across my repertoire. If only Bruce’s STRAD Method also gave me his sense of taste and style!"

Nathan Cole / First Associate Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

"I find Bruce Dukov’s “Strad Method” of learning the best way to speed up the learning process and build hand strength. It works!" 

Robert Lipsett / Jascha Heifetz Distinguished Violin Chair at the Colburn School, Los Angeles

"Bruce Dukov masters the gymnastics on the fingerboard at a technical level that most violinists can only dream of. It could very well be that by making his phenomenal STRAD method available he is now helping all violinists make this dream more of a reality. What amazing insight we can gain here into the method of a truly one-of-a kind violinist!

Lorenz Gamma / Head of String Studies at California State University Northridge

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